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Amaterasu Omoiyari

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No Thanks for Faves by LumiResources
com: tenshicake by raxiinus

:pixel: comm: aoba FIGHT append by xwondera :heart: :pixel: comm: yuuta by xwondera

.: S T A T U S / W A I T I N G ~ F O R :.

Kiriban at 50,000 pvs

That Annoying Friend by ZoraSteam
Commissions: OPEN
Contest: HERE
Art Trades: CLOSED
this is not to rush ya, just so i can keep track cuz my memory is crap

✧ Commissions from xwonderabby [paid]
✧ Commission from YuiHyde [paid]
✧ Commission from Ninetalesroxy [paid]
✧ Powerscale vcv from LadyOgien [not paid]
✧ Powerscale vcv from YuiHyde [not paid]
✧ Commission from chickenisntmystyle [paid]
✧ Commission from InsaneMollum [paid]
✧ Commission from Koe-loid [paid]
✧ Commission from NamiKazeQueen [not paid]
✧ Commission from TeenaPai [paid]

.: T O ~ D O ~ L I S T :.


For Others
✧ Art Trade w/ mildron [re-drawing]
✧ Art Trade w/ bonitisy
✧ Art Trade w/ TheMirakuloidProject [re-drawing]
✧ Art Trade w/ Reii90Chan (emmynostalgia) x2
✧ Prize for Shaman-Hearts x3
✧ Prize for xwondera x3
✧ Prize for MikiJackson x2
✧ Prize for EgoBean x2
✧ Fullbodies for xwondera x3
✧ Prize for Kitkat-Paints
✧ Consolation for AmiMeito-chan
✧ Prize for 17005SKAILA
✧ Kiriban Prize for NeeHima
✧ Kiriban Prize for stormilove
✧ Bday gift for Kiki1109
✧ bday gift for Shadowstar1021

All commissions, prizes, art trades and requests are uploaded to this account: TheAngelBox
For Myself
✧ Refs of all my ocs x21
✧ Refs of all my utaus x
✧ Official arts of all my utaus x25
✧ Concept art for Dream Charas x
✧ Finish all doodles
✧ Draw yuu & ao as kids in the bath tub (its gon be so kyuuuute)

.: F E A T U R E D :.

400 WATCHERS! +RAFFLE+so i've just hit 400 watchers which is A LOT to me, thank you so much guys i cant tell you how much i appreciate all of you //craiis
so yee raffle for watchers only!!
to enter just comment and leave 3 refs of whatever you want me to draw (either 3 refs of one chara or 3 refs of different charas uvu), i'll give everyone a number by order of comments 
and use a random generator pick the 3 winners uvu
you don't have to but it'd be nice if you advertise this uvu
the prizes will be either an icon or simple cheeb (choice is the winner's)
also just a reminder that my next kiriban is at 50,000 pageviews uvu
My Deviantart Storycuz why not amiright
been on dA since i was 12 (shhh dont tell XD) i honestly dont remember how i found it.. maybe a fanfic idk
in 7th grade i was super proud of these pics, but i didnt feel confident and stopped for a while
then in 9th grade i decided to give it another try 
it was better, and digital (ipad) but i hated it. tbh i used to get sad coming on dA and seeing all this good art (and i had 0 watchers), but then i met my best friend Emely (bonitisy) and she inspired me to keep on trying (her and utau XD)  that was my first draw again and i was soooooo proud of it
ehh i was gonna get all super sappy but im kinda tired so i'll just put all my draw agains here:
 (was one o

Free Art FeaturesThe Rules:
* The first 5 whatever people's avatar Who ever comments on this journal, and the three deviations I like most from their gallery will be put on the list below!
* Maybe i will put a comment below. 
* If you comment, you have to do the same in your journal, putting the tagger (me) on the first place.
and i love your art style its so cute, like a mix between cartoony and realism? idk but its frickin' adorable >v<

your chibis are too adorable!! Kao Emoji-93 (Excitement) [V5] 
2 Medleys [47 OPEN + 53 OPEN]soooo y'know i kept making these journals and never finishing the medleys but i actually wanna try and work with utau/utau-synth more so ye...
anyways cuz I'm a lazy bum I'm gonna put both medleys on this same journal
i'll need the following:
Song Number you want*:
Voicebank type (CV/VCV) (Romaji/Hiragana) (aliased/not aliased):
Voicebank download:
Picture for the video (please, transparent background TAT):
67 UTAU Medley
1. Yuuhi Saka - Shadow Utanen - Shadowstar1021
2. Servant of Evil - Kuro Utanen - Shadowstar1021
3. Unhappy Refrain - Aino Erufu - hellkitty112
4. World's End Dancehall - Eilan Song - Shadowstar1021
5. Iroha Uta - Axis - LadyOgien
6. FREELY TOMORROW - Temperance Kjellberg - Kjellska
7. Mr. Music - 
8. My Time - 
9. Monochrome Blue Sky -
10. Torinoko City - 
11. No Logic - Storm Otone - Shadowstar1021
12. Shinkai Summit - 
13. One of Repetition -

Contests i wanna Joinif i ever stop procrastinating //crai
-Kitkat-Paints / July 31 ENTERED
 -hellkitty112 / December 5
 -Soarun / September 1
 -KFoxDoodles / September 1 MISSED
 -InsaneMollum / August 20 ENTERED
 -piichimi / September 14
 -YuiHyde / September 1
psssst and my contest is here: //shot
VocaUTAU Batch Progress i guessjust ingnore this, im putting it here cuz my is full (how though) and i cant keep wasting paper for lists pffft
But in case you are wondering, i want to draw as many utaus (+the vocaloids) as i can both mainstream and not.. so thats what im doin... i'll be adding more batches as i go so..
(if spelling is wrong, chill out. this is for my own use so i mean.... plus i type really fast and might mess up..)
0: not started ; 1: sketches done ; 2: lines done ; 3: done
once a batch is done -> BATCH 1 - Done and Link..
BATCH 1 [1/3]
Isshiki MatsuriSeo YuriYoshiya TentouneMaruko AyumeYuett Egao
BATCH2 [1/3]
ChatterTsukiko ChiTora KanakaTaYLoRFlopsy
BATCH3 [0/3]
Kosame PankaAtlas OG37MaemiKazzieRitsu Namine
Batch 4 [0/3]
Aiko KikyuuneLaikaHamAxis OG36Akiharu Kiichigo
Batch 5 [0/3]
Nawaki WakaneYami RyoneMori FukaneAshurii TsukiKimine Kiichigo
Batch 6 [0/3]
Aichi MioBacca VivaceHaru MatsuoAlexei LidellMika Kaede
Batch 7 [0/3]
ManaAelisLen SaitoLiam YagamiYusune Yoru
Batch 8 [0/3]
Izumi O


Simple Chibi
Commission 19 by TheAngelBox
Commission 18 by TheAngelBox
Commission 17 by TheAngelBox
Commission 16 by TheAngelBox
Commission 15 [ver 2] by TheAngelBox
 I'd suggest you not commission manly men as i'm better drawing girls and girly boys. Please be specific about a pose or i'll pick a pose myself. My styles are constantly changing as i'm constantly experimenting new styles trying to improve. I take between 1 day to 2 weeks to finish, please be patient

.: T E N S H I ~ C A K E :.

16 | ♀ | NYC | HS Junior | Professional Procrastinator
My name is Kayla, but you can call me Tenshi, Bby, or Cake. Just please dont call me "KayKay" i hate that nickname eheh ;v;

Um i really shy so, dont be scared to talk to me cuz im probably already scared to talk to you! I'd love to get to know any of you better so feel free uvu
Im also a giant derp so ye =u=
USA Language Level stamp4 by Faeth-design Spanish lang3 by Faeth-design JP Language Level stamp2 by Faeth-design
I'm Puerto Rican, Domicinican and West Indian... but i just say im black, hispanic and american pfft
My utau homesite

other things…
If you use my art anywhere, please make sure to credit me ;v;

.: T O M O D A C H I S :.

all of these bbies are super kawaii desu ne and i love them so go love them too uvu

Wifey Kixame
Twinny bonitisy

AcesBlitz | xwondera | VocaloidCheese | PiccolaLora
Grumpy-Catt | Kitkat-Paints | jian-nei | Araki-Moriko
Renn-T | TheMirakuloidProject | EgoBean | maki-cha
AiRKlover | BlackKittyDoll | MikiJackson | LadyOgien
YuiHyde | VeRTiGo-P | AuroraAurion | 17005SKAILA

please keep in mind, if you're not here it's cuz we dont talk ;A; but that can be easily fixed y'know
Smile by AddMedia


TenshiCake has started a donation pool!
10 / 5,000
Donate somethin' if you're feeling generous XD
and here have some gifs

KFC Chicken Dance (Uh-huh uh-huh) by Jerikuto KFC Chicken Dance (Want some) [V1] by Jerikuto KFC Chicken Dance (I luv dis) [V1] by Jerikuto

Tama Excited Icon by Magical-Icon Crazy Kuroha Icon by Magical-Icon Rikka Takanashi (Teh dance) [V1] by Jerikuto That Annoying Friend by ZoraSteam U Mad by The-Rmickey
:iconrunbitchrunplz: :iconlesigh-plz: :icontrippy-plz:

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